Don't Spend Too Much Cash Your Car Stereo System

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Can you recommend that a 16 yr old drop almost two grand with a car stereo system? No, I don't either, and I still think of that mistake that my good friend made when selling his shares of stock to set up a new system in his older Camaro. What made things worse is his car started breaking down a few years later and needed more TLC than he could have. He ended up within a truck next and did not transfer his system into the new vehicle.

When you wish a nice system within your vehicle, it's often best to make smaller changes from what the vehicle already has in it. Why? An older car doesn't require a system worth thousands. A newer car may have a nice system, and you might just want to add an amp, equalizer and also subs. And by the way, those subs don't have to be 12's.

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In fact, one good 10" sub would do, so that you don't even have to have a set. Speaker quality does are important, so you might not want to find the cheapest speakers. Still, placing system in your vehicle doesn't have to be extremely expensive.